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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a photograph was taken by the the staff member. that photo was on her cell phone. the incident happened months ago but only came to light when the former teacher showed a photo to other staff members, including the child's mother, at a social gathering. >> this looks like an isolated incident there is no evidence of people we've talked to that lead to us believe there is anything else going on. >> many parents are standing by the school. >> i think not just thinking about what we can do. and build the school. >> several other parents contacted abc 7 news to say taping is being blown out of proportion. and claim those who have seen the photo say there was very still scotch tape used and meant to be a joke. >> we have a team of people who are committed to the care
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of concern and have never had any incident like this in our ministry here since 2008. >> again, a meeting we're showing you at 6:30 tonight there are two separate investigations going on. the police taking a look to see whether a crime has been committed the state decided this teacher should not work at another licensed day care at least for the time being. we tried to reach calcano but were not successful. >> another day care worker is in trouble today. grats worked for the kiddie academy. on friday, someone spotted her lacing childrens' drinks with an unknown substance, she said it was a sleeping aid. one parent says her child,
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under grazz care had health difficulties. >> he has seesh yours. i don't know how much they gave him. he f.did he get any. he does get drousy. when he gets redness, so i'm going to get it checked out to see. >> grats was fired and faces a felony child endangerment charge. >> a new despite is drewing over voter apensioned -- voter approved pension reform. the state public relations board filed a complaint against the city of san jose claiming it did not negotiate adequately with city workers before putting the pension reform plan up for a public vote. the mayor strongly disagrees. >> they're complaining about negotiations prior to putting a major b on the ballot. they had hundreds of hours of negotiations we had 20
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sessions with state mediators. >> the board will try to get two sides to settle. if that fails would go before a judge. >> a bay area accountant says his life will never be the same after being wrongly accused by police. the picture posted on the most-wanted in oakland for about a month. more on a mistake that turned his life upside down. >> you know the claims are dramatic. his attorney says any law abiding citizen's worst nightmare. it may be up to a judge to decide if accusations are true. >> a friend called me and said i was on the news for a shooting. i can i'm like this must be a joke. >> van wasn't laughing. he says in february of last year his friends told him he was wanted for a shooting. they'd seen this mug shot and
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he was being named as one of oakland's most wanted criminals. >> i went home, i was shokd like... why? why? who would do this to me? >> flanked by his attorneys he says he went to police to tell them they had the wrong guy. >> this is not me. >> van says he was thrown in jail. tree tlee days later released never charged with a crime and never told why, how his name became the folk yufs a criminal investigation. >> i was shameful. i don't know what people were thinking. >> 10 days after it began, he said his name remained on the most-wanted list. depicting him as a violent felon. van says he stayed on the list six months and he claims the city of oakland, chief and members of the oakland police department placed anymore constant fear for his safety and as a result he lived in a state of embarrassment, depression and shame. >> some kind of corrective
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action should have been taken to have his name removed. >> the suit does not specify damages van is seeking. >> we'll need to determine the facts before we can comment at all. >> a department spokesperson declined an interview and instead referring me to the oakland city attorney. it may be up to a judge to decide that legality in this case and everyone may have to have their day in court. >> nick, thank you. a man accused driving drunk ask killing three people in daily city saturday night had several run ins with the law. a 28-year-old is champblged with vehicular manslaughter for side swiping a car. prosecuters say he had a blood alcohol level of.58 at the
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time of the crash. macedo had previous charges in santa clara county. >> san mateo congress woman woman jackie speier said the military justice system is riggedded in favor of the assailant referring to a case in itally. >> -- italy. >> the fact one person can overturn a punishment is term determine bid a judge or jury flies in the face of justice. >> she is calling for hearings in the case of a former soldier who shot and killed two former santa cruz police officers and asked why the army dropped two court marshals saying that allowed goulet to go back into society and pray on others including two officers shot at his house. he was killed in a shootout. >> the world's catholics do
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not yet have a new pope. black smoke signifying no decision today, meaning cardinals will dry again, tomorrow, david ono is in vatican city. >> for some, disappointing. for all, still exciting. black smoke on the first day of the conclaifr, card cardinals signaling they have not pick aid pope. but this process is a positive thing. >> it's good. g this is a moment with people come together as a community. it is -- nobody thinks it's going to happen soon. they're just here to show love for the church. >> the black smoke is a culmination of a very long day. doors of the sistine chapel closing as the cardinals procession inside. it had cardinals singing.
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once inside, card mals including cardinal roger mahoney swearing the oath with the words so help me god and these holy gospel that's i touch with my hand cardinals now ready for what is being called a time of prayer and to pick the man to lead the church. the day started wout a mass attend by thousands. francis from mission vee yeaho, here with classmates, was one of them. >> i never thought i'd get to be there. all friends from school. >> his friends are excited to be here. they have opinions about the qualities they want to see in a new pope. >> one is good with people. especially younger people to get more involved in the
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church and stay in the church. and a younger pope. one that can meet travel and get people together. >> the media is where our image rely autos for brian stevens will be important to be in st. peter's square when a decision is made. >> you know, i'll either go home or just go home and hope for the best. >> on tuesday, the cardinals took only one vote, today will be four votes. >> 2:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the evening. should see smoke mid day then again nrk the evening. >> stay with abc 7 mus for the
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latest news from vatican city. abc news will break into programming when a new pope is elected. >> coming up at 5:00 search for a shower stall stalker in one college. >> labor dispute threatening to silence san francisco symphony before one of the biggest shows of the year. >> how serious is that check engine warning light? michael finney looks at a piece of technology can save you money at the mechanics.
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a sour note at san francisco symphony. musicians voted to authorize a strike if talks don't make progress today. the issues on the table and it
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puts a tour in jeopardy it does. that is right. it's supposed to start next week. you know, just last month, the san francisco symphony won it's 15th grammy award but tonight musicians are at odds over what it takes to continue as a top tier organization. sounds at city hall. a string quartet performed but there is discord behind the scene. musicians say other cities have better contracts. >> this doesn't acknowledge the fact there is inflation in california economy and that our wages are about $7500 less than our leading piers, chicago symphony. >> management says the average musician salary is $165,000 a year. the union says basic pay is about $142,000 a year,
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management says they provide health care with no monthly contribution. the musician s say they pay for family members. symphony says the musicians get 10 weeks of paid vacations they say they have other expenses including buying their own instruments. the symphony says the wage proposal would keep the or chess stra among the top three nationwide. >> they're among the most talented musicians in the world. we're hope tofl reach an agreement that recognizes that and at this lunchtime press concert musicians told us when there is an endowment near $100 million and has hefty managements to -- bonuses to management. >> we're in a very wealthy institution. our treatment should reflect that.
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>> the symphony maintains it's expenses are outpacing it's income. >> finances are a matter of public record we've been transparent with finances. >> the union disagrees about that. the symphony receives $2.6 million in public funding every year. some from san francisco's hotel tax so musicians are trying to get the supervisor's offices today trying to get them on their side as mediators work to try to resolve this dispute. >> thank you very much. >> well, consumer news now. cars are so complicated that when that light comes on, you need a computer to find out what is going on. >> that is right. >> this is unbelievable. >> yes this, is school. had when the light comes on it can mean your engine is in need of an overhaul or gas cap
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is loose. how do you know what is going on? they're looking to buy a code reader to diagnose problem was a car. the store has quite a few. we select the blue one because it's the least expensive. >> how much is this? >> $88.99 plus tax. >> i'll take that. >> with this code reader we can find out what is wrong with a car when the check engine light comes on. one employee takes us and shows how it works. that means it's working and nearly every car made since 1996 has a similar set up meaning when your light comes on, you zront to rely on a mechanic for information. >> this is the one people buy. it's easy to use. >> p 0113 is an error code we
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go to the reader web site key in the problem. and the issue will be identified now if you want to down load information directly from the code reader into the computer, the web site will issue a complete report. >> it could save you a lot of money. >> a lot of finance. -- money. you know, now if you take the car to a shop, just to have that in three months you have three codes you'll find three codes with this little gadget. there. right there. >> get a couple friends and you can make it cheaper. or go online. i've found readers for $30. if you're willing to wait a new code reading app is coming up. it's amazing and i'll show how it works tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> they say cars are computerized these days you
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need to be armed. >> so clever. thank you. >> sure. >> let's turn our attention now to this. >> i'm getting paid to soak oup the sun here, it's gorgeous outside. goitsing to stay that way. we have something for everyone heading into wednesday. let me show you live doppler 7 hd now. you'll see why not everyone is going seat sun. we have fog down towards the coastline. hasn't quite cleared and that is why some areas have been held down in terms of your temperatures. here is a view from our camera. santa rosa, 74 degrees in san francisco. 65. it's made it up to 71 in oakland. 75 in livermore. half moon bay, only 53 with
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fog. san jose, a mild 70 degree day. a different point from our camera we're looking towards golden gate bridge with high clouds. san francisco right now 60 degrees. it's 50 in half moon bay. here is a look at east bay hills camera. plenty of sunshine looking out towards the bay. temperatures in the mid-70s right now at this hour. here are the highlights. we do have fog overnight and near 80 degrees inland tomorrow, we'll look at little change throughout the weekend high pressure will call spots again tomorrow, temperatures rise more degrees. it's a dry pattern right on throughout the weekend. but... don't put umbrellas too far. i was just checking and could be rain in the future, tomorrow morning areas of fog, coast bay and some parts of the delta.
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temperatures will remain on the comfortable side. fog will slow you down in spots. you'll notice fog will start to pull away but not completely. temperatures into 50s there. near 80 degrees for wednesday. that is going to be the warmest day. los gatos 80 degrees. sunshine on the pin anyone la. 62 in half moon bay. 60 in pacifica. downtown 68 degrees, temperatures coming up there. 63 in the sunset district. you'll see 50s coast side. fog angs around. east bay, beautiful day. 72 oakland. inland areas, up into 80s in livermore and brentwood. walnut creek, 77 degrees.
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here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we'll see temperatures starting to drop thursday, friday. cloud cover drops down with breezy conditions into mid-70s by sunday. stpdz low 60s coastside. dry forecast for plans for st. patrick's day. then, monday, tuesday, we're going to cloud it up. we'll see cooling trend with the possibility of rain coming your way on wednesday. stay tuned live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center where it's stunning outside. dan, cheryl, hope you can join me. >> make room up there. >> and still to come a luxury condo development that could have a jerky -- drippy little problem. >> people and the law standing in governor brown's way to get high profile projects up and running in california. we'll take a look at that at we'll take a look at that at an) 3 days of walking
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all right a man who is wanted tonight for sneaking into the womens' locker room at city college of san francisco and attempting to assault a student. the school says it happened on saturday at the wellness center. a man was hiding in a stall. the student was in another stall and the man climbed and grabbed her. she screamed and struggled with the guy, who then ran. an alert is now posted around campus. >> a new report commission bid the city is critical of a controversial luxury housing project to go up near the water front called age washington building a building in front of pier 3. a new report prentd today before the public utilities commission says construction work could threaten a major sewer line undergoing repairs. >> reports show during a modest earthquake, the building as proposed could
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shift just feet. and cause major rupture to this sewer system. >> that pipeline carries one fourth of the sewage. despite concerns the public utilities commission gave the project an initial go ahead. the entire project may still be derailed by the ballot measure which sets limits. >> here is a question what. do rocks from mars reveal about the planet's past? >> up next, the latest findings f
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coming up, the march of the faithful and steps some catholics took today to pray for their next pope. >> 7 on your side checks out a new app called automatic drive assistant. we'll have the stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> finally here tonight nasa's mars rover made another
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remarkable discovery. >> rock samples suggest the red planet could have supported living microbes. >> it was an ancient environment. minerals indicating a near neutral environment and salty liquid water. to support life. >> wow. >> that is big. >> yes. curiosity drilled into the rock and then blasted it to determine the composition. >> researchers from nasa were part of the team. >> that is huge news. we're going hear more about that. you can count on it. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings from all of us here, thanks for watching. we hope to see you again at 6:00. >> right. in a half hour, we'll see you then.
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this is a special edition of "world news." tonight from outside the vatican. day one of the secret conclave and tonight, right there, for the first time, we saw smoke. it was billowing black smoke, indicating no pope was chosen today. the conclave still under way tonight. ♪ >> pageantry and prayer and in the square, pilgrims and protesters. from around the world, all eyes fixed and waiting for the white smoke that will signal a new pope. also, tonight in the united states, a medical alert, an important warning about z-pak antibiotics and your heart. and billy and the kid, the college freshman who asked to play the piano with the piano man.
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watch as a star is born. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ good evening, again from rome. welcome to a special edition of "world news." and behind me, st. peter's basilica, the vatican, the end of the day, bursting with history, majesty, and just hours ago, a first message to the world from the cardinals, black smoke, lots of black smoke, signaling no pope, not yet. and right now, the cardinals are back in their quarters after taking the solemn vows in front of 1.2 billion catholics watching from around the world. the last we saw them today, the words ending this sacred and secret ritual. >> extra omenes.


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